Genesys Engineering is committed to delivering efficient designs that are easy to construct, operate and maintain; the net result is a superior final product. 

As part of our foremost commitment to meet project needs, a Firm Principal takes project responsibility until the project is complete and the client is fully satisfied.  Our capable team can take your project from the conceptual stage through construction and equipment turnover to occupancy.
Conceptual Design: In this phase, we work together with you to establish design concepts that apply the best technology, within your financial resources, to meet the needs of your business.

Schematic Design: In the schematic phase, realistic options are developed with a view toward commercially available equipment, regulatory concerns, siting, and budget constraints.

Design Development: In the design development phase, the “best value” design is developed , balancing the regulatory issues, the project needs, the owner’s expectations and  financial resources.  If appropriate, Genesys has the expertise to examine financing strategies to help assure the viability of the project.

Construction Documents: In the construction documents phase, the project design details are brought to completion.  It is here that Genesys’ innovative and practical approach to the details really pays off… in the cost effective implementation of the project.

Genesys Engineering also typically provides engineering services during construction in support of the Construction Manager, which include: shop drawing review; site observation; and response to contractor requests for information.

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